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Posted: 21 July 2023
SATURDAY, 17 June, 2023

We had a fantastic night at the Blend Bar and Bistro in Upper Hutt celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Walk4Health walking group. There were 46 in attendance with many of the original walkers in attendance. It was also good to see some who live outside the area and not current members, like Jessica Pickering and Marlene Solomon in attendance.

Awards were given out: Dave for 20 years outstanding achievement on the committee, Karen and Lyne for great committment with the very successful Tuesday walking group, Joan, Christine, Sue, Kay, Nina and JeanE for committment and dedication to the club, and the most valuable club member was Karen.

A beautiful cake had been made, with great food and music from Greg on guitar playing all the great tunes we know so well. Lots of dancing and a professional rock'n'roll demo by Wayne and Sue, it turned out to be a fabulous evening. Look at the lovely pics of our happy faces in the Gallery section. Another milestone celebration perhaps in 10 years time?


Posted: 26 June 2021
TUESDAY, JUNE 15 was the date set for the Mystery Bus Tour. The day dawned clear and bright and Dean, our personal driver, had two locations to pick up the 35 walkers from. First location was Silverstream for the Upper Hutt folk and then Avalon for the Lower Hutt residents.

Speculation was rife as to where the mystery destinations were. As the bus ventured north up SH1 people thought yes the Wairarapa. But the bus turned over Silverstream Bridge into Fergusson Drive then left into the golf driving range at Silverstream. There was lots of good laughs and some really good golfers striking the ball some good metres.

After this the bus headed south back onto SH2, but no we didn't head over the Haywards but kept going south and eventually up SH1 up Ngauranga Gorge to our next destination, close to Levin, at Speldhurst Retirement Village where we had a gorgeous meal and then some checked out the show home (no WFH weren't on a commission).

Next stop was RJ's Liquorice shop where many of us bought some good value sweets and stuff.

Next was Woodhaven Gardens, Levin, where we had a guided tour and shown just how much produce they grow there. It was a fascinating tour, sampling various vegetables and some were surprised how pleasantly flavoured the fennel was. When you see Grown In Levin on your produce then it is more than likely that it comes from Woodhaven who supply about a third of the produce in New Zealand supermarkets.

The final call was to Benniks Poultry Farm, Levin, which has a very nice gift shop and garden shop and cafe. Time was running out so it was just a quick visit.

Lots of games and quizzes were played on the bus (thanks Karen), and the day ended about 5.30 back in the Hutt after what had been a great day out and people saying do another one next year.

Look at the photos of the trip in the Gallery Section under Mystery Bus Tour 2021.


Posted: 09 April 2021
Three wonderful nights March 9, 10 and 11 in Whanganui. We had 26 walkers going and we hired a 40-seater bus driven by Dean. It was a fantastic trip away. We had to split the group into two over two days to enable the Rural Mail Delivery vehicle. The trips started at 7am in the morning and firstly the very interesting two-hour trip to Pipiriki delivering the rural mail. Then the exciting one hour jetboat ride, and return. When Thomas put his hand in the air you waited for a big spin in the jetboat - and then on to the Bridge to Nowhere locality where a 6km return walk up to the Bridge.

The whole trip was amazing seeing so many things and learning all about the Bridge and the history and more about Maori culture. Heard about places like Jerusalem, the amazing Church and convent for years so it was great to go there. It was a full day out returning later in the evening.

The other days had activities like the paddle steamer the Waimarie, trip to the new walking bridge and cafe. Other activities included shopping, visit to Virginia Lake and even the movies.

All in all a fantastic few days away and this club is so fortunate to thank all the hard working committee, too many to name, who pitched in and made it a Trip to Remember.

The motel we stayed at was very comfortable and a team of the ladies made sure we had breakfast supplied each morning. Evening meals included two restaurant meals and a pizza night.

If you go to the Gallery Section of this site you can see some great pictures and happy faces.


Posted: 13 September 2016
Yes it was time for the annual trek up to Whanganui for the relay through the back roads from Marton to Whanganui. A distance of 66km either by individual, teams of two or teams of five. Walk For Health had two teams this year, Team Ageless with Sandra, Doreen, Christine, Lyn and Sheila, and then Dallas, Esme, Lyne and Dave calling themselves Walk For Health Addicts (not sure if they are addicted to the event, walking, or to the vino after the event).

It was a great effort by the new ladies of the club who are Tuesday walkers. Joan's team couldn't make it this year for the first time for many years, but feel sure they will be back next year. Official results still to come but Team Ageless finished in 9.40h and the Addicts 8.50h. Lots of catch-up laps so finished nice and early. Didn't do too well in the prizegiving with only one bottle of wine.

Great report by Sandra following:

We are: "Team Ageless" - Sandra, Doreen, Christine, Lyn and Sheila. We began our journey to Whanganui and the general conversation in the car was what have we let ourselves into. Enter "Team Addicts" and with their motivation and encouragement we were up next morning at 6am and off to Marton for the 7am start.

It was a cool morning and our first walker Lyn was still a little anxious. So we gave her a big cheer as she started the 1st leg, we followed with words of encouragement and began to enjoy the challenge.

The countryside was just lovely and peaceful, and at each changeover there was either Lyne or Dave or Esme or Dallas to high five us and tell us how well we were doing. So I won't go on about the wonderful scenery, that goes without saying. It's the camaraderie of my fellow walkers and see the smiles on their faces as they achieved each leg. It was worth a few aches and sore muscles.

I will finish with a huge thank you to Lyne and Dave and Esme and Dallas - without your help and support we would have a done a U-turn and headed as far away from there as we could.

A fabulous weekend was had by us all.

Sandra Cusin.


Posted: 23 April 2016
These are some of the comments made by club members of W4H who achieved cycling the Otago Rail Trail in March 2016. The team of 15 had a wonderful experience and many thanks to the committee who worked hard to achieve a brilliant event. Special mention should go to Dot and Jean who with the committee did a fantastic job.

Don't forget to look at all the wonderful photos of the Otago Rail Trail in the Gallery Section. There are two folders, one called ORT2.

Photos look better if on your settings you make 120% or 150%



Cannot stop raving about this holiday. The fabulous scenery, food, accommodation, sights were just fantastic. The Otago Rail Trail Committee did a wonderful job organising the whole holiday which went without a hitch from start to finish. We all had a lot a laughs along the way and were very proud of ourselves for completing the trail especially without any injuries apart from bruises and soreness. The actual rail trail track is wide, well maintained and sign posted and there seemed to be quite of few cyclists on it who were also enjoying the experience. All the locals we spoke to along the way were very warm, friendly and knowledgeable. If you get a chance go and do it.


This fantastic cycling holiday organised by Dot and Jean enabled 15 walkers who all very keen.

Day 1: Arrive and dep Dunedin Airport to Clyde.

Day 2: Clyde and rain made grit and determination. There was one injury on this day but the injured cyclist carried on for the rest of the Trail giving us excellent support.

Day 3: A few aches and sore bums and a bit boring all the way to Ophir.

Day 4: Early start and reached the highest point, 618m. On to Ranfurly all down hill from here, everyone smiling and freewheeling and very relaxing. Curling at Naseby.

Day 5: Rest day including St Bathans and a stellar cruise on the Clutha River.

Day 6: Ranfurly to Hide and staying at Pete's Farm, drinks and good food.

Day 7: On to Middlemarch, leave bikes behind and catch Taireri Gorge train to Dunedin.

Very satisfying result, a few tired limbs but the opinion by all was that it was a great trip, great company and great Dot and Jean.


Well, I wasn't sure what to expect however I did know that 150 kms was a bloody long way so it was with a little trepidation that I went to the railway station with all the others to get our bikes despite the training that I had done. The weather was wet and cool and that did not help much. I am not fussed on going out and about in the wet however didn't have much choice.

Once we were on our bikes and had set off the weather improved somewhat and for that I was grateful however I do remember at the end of that first day my shoes being full of water! I didn't fancy my chances of drying them out over night! However our accommodation at Ophir was good, a bed and a bathroom just what one needed with a great shower!! to warm one up. Day one was all uphill and I do remember walking up some of it when the derriere complained a bit however I was told it that I was getting back on and to get used to it.

The next day was also all uphill from Ophir to Oturehura cool but no rain and my shoes did dry out - yay!! Spectacular scenery everywhere we went - such a gorgeous part of the country. The accommodation each night was fabulous - great showers to warm us up or get rid of the sweat depending on the weather - comfy beds mostly! Oturehura pub had great grub!! And the store beside it full of memories from yesterday - Arnott biscuit tin the iron? Sort that we used as bread tins for the baker to put the bread in when I was a kid, milk bottles - ads from the good old days - all sorts of things like that just fab!

Getting to the highest point and having my photo taken Yes!

Next onto Ranfurly - a very good friend of mine had lived there in her teenage years so I took as many photos as I could to remind her and her father who was manager of the Westpac bank, the art deco buildings, the catholic church, the main street, the site of the Westpac bank although the original was now long gone - the Ranfurly pub all memories for my friend and her father.

Going through tunnels along the way were you need a decent torch - the ones on the bikes were a little lacking!

We stayed at Naseby - what a delightful place dinner at both places again divine. Going to St Bathans truly lovely with the Vulcan pub and apple trees growing in orchards and the cemetery then onto Alexandra where I had the best peach that I have eaten is very long time - fresh, yellow large and the juice just dripping down my fingers. Scrumptious! The river cruise up the Clutha was also a highlight seeing where all the Chinese lived as they were panning for gold! How on God's earth did they do that! and afternoon tea delicious!

From Ranfurly to Hyde more fabulous scenery and stopping to watch sheep being mustered - the farmers doing not so much and the dogs racing around and driving the sheep forwards! Just magic to watch. Going over wooden bridges where the planks were of different heights, not so good for the teeth as we bounced around! Thank goodness for good shock absorbers!!

And then the last day full tilt for the finish line - yeeha we made it! The train trip from Middlemarch to Dunedin was also a highlight - more spectacular scenery!!!!!

Thank you to all those who organised it - it was a fabulous trip!

10th Anniversary Walk, March 2013

Posted: 21 March 2013
ANNIVERSARY WALK: Well the fantastic weekend has been and gone, it was a roaring success. It would have been great to have gone further afield with more days, but we are all so busy it was not possible. Not done a relay like this before so was not sure how it worked, but it is a very clever way of covering a long distance and meeting up with the other vans at locations on the way.

A great mix of people in three different vans and a fantastic way of chatting to people that normally time doesn't avail. Camaraderie is the name of the game.

In Van 3 we were fortunate to have the services of a retired Boeing 707 pilot, Richard, for our driver, no gynaecologists in this van, who escorted us on our journey. Always with a pleasant smile and nothing was too much trouble. He gave me a lovely smooth takeoff as I set off over the Haywards to Pauatahanui. I also enjoyed doing the return over the Haywards and found it an enjoyable challenge. Lyne and I would love to repeat the whole weekend, we both had niggling injuries prior to the walk but for the weekend were OK. Dot has written a little poem at the foot of this post of Van 3.

The weather was great and the only rain was a little drizzle coming down the river trail on the way home to the Station Village.

Joan and Sue and the anniversary committee had gone to great lengths in organising the weekend and the motel, lunch-time stop-offs, meal at the Cossie, PN, and just about everything went like clockwork. Those taking part cannot thank them enough. Roll on the anniversary dinner on June 8.

The three different vans have submitted reports below and hopefully the article will be in the Hutt News next week.




John's Van . . . by Jessica

Our journey started with a 44 km drive from the Parrot and Jigger. In our van we had John our driver who was also the Joker, Gynaecologist yeah right!, Carol his wife who throughout was Calm and in Control, Nina our Navigator who proved most capable in this role, Kaye who Kept us going with her humour, no more said!, Hadley whose High Standards kept us in order with regard to OSH regulations, Anne his Able wife and moi, Just Jessica. We were minus Joy as she was not able to participate due to extenuating circumstances.

Carol did the first 9 km however found a hole to put her foot into which damaged her knee. As hobbling not a good idea she became a co-navigator. Her comments cannot be put to print so you can work out how she felt! Hadley also did 9 km which thankfully was uneventful. Anne next, followed by me then Kaye, all doing 7 km each. This left Nina to do 5 km, blisters you know!! I found it very surreal being dropped off and picked up again in the back and beyond along a country road. It was comforting seeing the fluttering of the pink ribbon, which did not always happen!

After some shifting between seats in the car due to some long legs and some shorter legs, we eventually nestled into our places for the journey ahead.

We replenished by having lunch at the Woolshed which we nearly missed due to John overshooting the turn off after despite 3 requests to TURN HERE!!

Our walk in the afternoon of 32 km was thankfully uneventful into Palmerston North apart from circumnavigating the Square several times before we found the Camelot Motel.

A fun evening mixing and mingling including finding out about peoples occupations. Gynaecologist, yeah right!!

Second day stage 1 of 25 km was very humid with only about 2 pathetic drops of rain, poor farmers! Oops not sure what happened to my pole I left before the railway line as Maureen in other van apparently walked farther than she anticipated.

After a hearty lunch again at the Red Barn we were on the road again with our van to walk the first 24 km by Nina setting off first. She could not find her pole and walked further than her planned distance.

Despite best laid plans thinking we had it sussed where the appropriate place for the next poles to be located Anne and I also walked further. The pole was found after a quick about turn in the car, someone must have unplanted and planted it again! and mine was never to be seen again. Was this Maureen getting me back!! After Anne had a scramble down the bank to us in awaiting van, then to Hadley our last walker we drove onto Plimmerton where we dropped them off.

Anne took great pride noticing an advert for the Waitarere Great Forest marathon as Hadley started it about 15 years ago. The remaining of us drove to Parrot and Jigger to have a celebratory drink in the company of most of the others from the other vans.

Thank you Joan and Sue for your organisng of this event.


Wayne's Van . . . by Wayne

A funtastic 10th anniversary club relay walk.

After driving 5 females and 2 males to palmy and back in a mobile quadraphonic sound system ie Previa van, on arrival back at Parrot and Jigger a wise man said I should probably have had earmuffs or headphones, Oh contrar if I had these on I would not have been able to hear from my great co driver and navigator Brian Surridge.

I also heard that on part of our journey we had two extras one called Nigel and one called dicky dunging I never did see them though, there was not quite time on our root, route? And judging by all the laughter on board everyone had a great time.

I did hear a snippet from one of the other vans, one lady was quite happy to be driven by a gynaecologist/truck driver (no names protecting the innocent.) Biggest disaster in our van was a broken finger nail, (shocking really)! Personally as the driver I could not have wished for a better team and overall I am certain there would be 24 of us who would do it again.

Thank you all I loved it Wayne.


Richard's Van, PCC (Pretty Cool Comrades) . . . by Dot

Chairperson Jean Had a dream

A special event to celebrate 10yrs

And keep us walkers a happy team

So walk to Palmerston North and back

In orange shirts and shorts of black

And Maureen had a Richard Lamb

He was the driver of our van

There was Dave Morrell who is always swell

Lyne his wife came as well

With Pattie & Carol we did our ks

And lots of hoots and laughs we raised

And me, Dot

That completes the lot

Of the seven PCC

That travelled so happily in Van 3.

New Web Site!

Posted: 17 June 2012
We now have a new website, if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know via the contacts page.